Essentially, the whole point of combat is to increase your [Character Level], by obtaining [Experience Points], so you can become the strongest warrior there is! Along with it, comes the ability to find great loot from hunting monsters! Mostly, you'll earn [Experience Points] from hunting monsters, but there are additional methods to earn [Experience Points] as well.


Equipment Slots
There is a large array of items that can be used in combat. Let's go over some basic equipment you'll use.
You have two [Sets] of weapons at your disposal (weapon + offhand ([Shield] or one-handed weapon)), between which you can switch in any moment. All additional options and passive skills will be active from sub-weapon even if the given set is not active. If two different types of weapons are equipped, experience assigned to a profession will be divided in the ratio of 4: 1 (80%: 20%), between the weapon in the active set [80%] and the one in the inactive set [20%]. If the weapons in both sets are of the same type or the second set is empty, the profession will receive 100% of experience.

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