It is a medium range weapon that requires strength and little less mind. These weapons have a magical power to heal, strengthen allies, and a holy power that can strike enemies. Primary stat is Strength and secondary is Mind.

Starting Strength Starting Agility Starting Vitality Starting Intelligence Starting Mind Base points
20 20 20 10 23 93
Life Mana Level Life Level Mana Point Life Point Mana
90 40 1,5 1 2 1,5

SUPPORT skills

Name Level Type Type Description
Heal 1 Single target Healing Heal the target’s life
Protect 3 Single target Buff Temporarily increase the defense of the target
Power Up 6 Single target Buff Temporarily increase the attack and magic power of the target
Cure 12 Single target Buff Removes any status effect from the target, with a percent (%) chance
Devotion 12 Single target Buff Sacrifices part of your HP to restore a party member mana points
Party Healing 18 Multiple targets Healing With the target as the center, recover up to 3 party members' life
Heal Strengthener 18 Passive Increases the HP Recovery amount of the Heal skill
Revive 24 Single target Buff Revive dead player
Empower Buffs 24 Passive Increase the power and duration of all buff skills

DPS skills

Name Level Type Type Description
Smite 1 Single/Multiple targets Active A holy strike from heavens
Holy Burst 6 Single/Multiple targets Active Create a holy bolt to deal damage to the target and nearby enemies
Shock Wave 12 Multiple targets Active Slam into the gorund causing earthquacke that damage and stun around enemies
Hallowed Ground 18 Single target Self buff Grants immunity to all attacks
Shield Block 18 Passive While any Shield item is equipped, there is a chance to block any incoming damage
Sanctified Scream 24 Single/Multiple targets Active Shoot three lines of holy energy to the ground to deal damage to the target
Increase Minimum Attack Power 24 Passive Increases the character's minimum and maximum attack damage
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