Chaos Castle

The Chaos Army raids our land daily. Can you help the [Archangel] defeat Chaos and his army? They are hiding in the Chaos Castle in a dark dimension, but be careful, it's a dangerous place, so take your other warriors with you.

To take part in the [Chaos Castle] event you need a special invitation that can be crafted in a magic anvil. For this you need: Chaos Fang and Chaos Key

Starting Time
Event starts every 2 hours, starts from 01:30 (UTC). Everybody will be anoucement 6 minutes before start. In this time warriors should talk to Lenart [Chaos Castle Guardian] which is located in [Valley Of Loren] outpost.

  • A minimum of 1 player must enter, or it will not start.
  • A maximum of 15 players can join in a single instance.
  • [Party] is allowed and can be formed inside the [Chaos Castle] map
  • [PVP] is not allowed
  • [Town Portal Scroll] warps characters to [Valley of Loren] map.
  • Upon death characters are moved to [Valley of Loren] map.


[Chaos Castle] has 5 parts.
  • First is the [Entrance] where warriors need to destroy [Doors] that are guarded by Chaos minions. They will spawn until [Doors] gonna be destroyed.
  • Next part is [Square] where there is also a [Doors] to the next part of the castle. However, they are sealed and in order to be able to destroy them, you need to get rid of the [Crystals] that protect them, which are protected without the monsters.
  • Third part is [Hallway] which is not big. At the very end there is another door that is guarded by guards.
  • [Main Hall] is a biggest part of castle. Like in [Square], [Doors] are sealed by [Crystals] that are located in side wings.
  • The last room is a [Throne Room] where is the boss [Diablos] .

After killing [Diablos] warriors can open [Chaos Chest] in which you can always find [Orb of Divine], [Orb of Blessing] and 250000 coins. There is also chance to find magical [Chaos Weapon] ingredient.
Chaos Axe Handle
Chaos Axe Head
Chaos Sword Blade
Chaos Sword Hilt
Chaos Spear Handle
Chaos Spear Spearhead
Chaos Bow Grip
Chaos Bow String
Chaos Mace Handle
Chaos Mace Head
Chaos Staff Head
Chaos Staff Stick
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