It is a melee weapon that requires strength and little less agility. Perfect for people who want to be in the center of the fight. It is perfect for defending the weaker ones or for causing destruction among enemies. Primary stat is Strength and secondary is Agility.

Starting Strength Starting Agility Starting Vitality Starting Intelligence Starting Mind Base points
26 22 25 10 10 93
Life Mana Level Life Level Mana Point Life Point Mana
110 20 2 0,5 3 1

DPS skills

Name Level Type Type Description
Slash 1 Single target Active A strong slash attack that hit enemy
Cutting Slash 6 Single target Active Inflicts a serious wound that has 60% chance to causes temporary bleeding for 6 seconds
Spinning Slash 12 Multiple targets Active Skillfully swing a weapon around the character to damage multiple enemies
Fire Rush 18 Multiple targets Active Dash towards the enemy and leaves fiery traces that damages enemies
One Handed Weapon Mastery 18 Passive Increases the character's minimum and maximum ATK DMG, when using a one-handed weapon
Double Slash 24 Multiple targers Active Quickly thrust a weapon towards the target causing damage, and damage multiple nerby enemies
Dual Wield Power 24 Passive While wearing weapons in each hand there is a chance to block incoming attack damage and have a chance to deal full offhand weapon damage

TANK skills

Name Level Type Type Description
Mighty Slash 1 Multiple targets Active A strong slash attack hit all enemies in front of you and create threat on all creatures hit
Taunt 6 Multiple targets Active/Selfbuff Pull enemies aggro and gains additional defense for some amount of time
Rise Morale 12 Multiple targets Buff Increase the character's base HP by a percentage
Aegis Of Menhir 18 Multiple targets Active Hurl a magical aegis that will home in upon your target and leave it staggered and dazed before returning to you
Protection Shield 18 Passive While any Shield item is equipped, there is a chance to reduce the incoming ATK DMG by 1000% of the Shield item's DEF Rate
Fire Blow 24 Multiple targets Active Strike a weapon downwards towards the enemy damages multiple enemies within range
Armor Set Bonus Increase 24 Passive Increases the character's DEF when an entire armor type set it equipped
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