It is a melee weapon that requires great strength. Perfect for people who want to be in the center of the fight. It is perfect for defending the weaker ones or for causing destruction among enemies. Primary stat is Strength.

Starting Strength Starting Agility Starting Vitality Starting Intelligence Starting Mind Base points
28 20 25 10 10 93
Life Mana Level Life Level Mana Point Life Point Mana
110 20 2 0,5 3 1

DPS skills

Name Level Type Type Description
Cleave 1 Single target Active Swing your axe in a wide arc to deal damage to all enemies in range
Forcewave 6 Multiple targers Active Such force is channeled into the attack that it compresses the very air, projecting out a wave of energy that stuns and damages foes
Berserker 12 Self Buff Increases Damage and Attack Speed, but decreases Defense and HP by 30%
Increase Double Damage Rate 12 Passive Increases the character's Double Damage Chance
Bloodseeker 18 Self Buff You activate your animal instinct to increase your defense and restores HP with each successfully attack hit (30%)
Two Handed Mastery 18 Passive Increases the character's minimum and maximum attack damage, when using a two-handed weapon
Whirlwind 24 Multiple targers Active A Whirlwind dance of death that cuts a path through the enemies

TANK skills

Name Level Type Type Description
Heavy Swing 1 Multiple targets Active A heavy swing attack on one enemy that create threat on this creature
Warcry 6 Multiple targers Active Pull aggro and insures all nerby enemies
Axe Throw 12 Single target Active Throw your axe from a distance to attract attention
Charge 18 Multiple targets Active Charge your target by hitting enemies in your path and taking them with you
Maximum Life Increase 18 Passive Increases the character's max HP
Vortex 24 Multiple targets Active Pulls all enemies in a 6m radius around you towards your position, and creates additional threat on enemies hit
Absorb Life 24 Passive Gives a 50% chance, per successful attack, to recover a small amount of HP
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