It is a long range weapon that requires agility and little less strength. Ideal for people who like to get rid of problems at a distance. Primary stat is Agility and secondary is Strength.

Starting Strength Starting Agility Starting Vitality Starting Intelligence Starting Mind Base points
22 25 20 15 10 93
Life Mana Level Life Level Mana Point Life Point Mana
80 30 1 1,5 1 1,5

DPS skills

Name Level Type Type Description
Aimed Arrow 1 Single target Active Powerful accuracy single target shot that always hit
Evasion 6 Single target Self buff Temporarily increase your base defense success rate
Ice Arrow 12 Single target Active Shoot an ice arrow toward the target that deals damage and has a chance to slow the target
Poison Arrow 12 Single target Active Deal a powerful damage to the target and deal poison damages over time
Overkill 18 Single target Self buff Increase your attack speed for short time
Increase Attack Speed 18 Passive Increases the character's Attack Speed
Hover Shot 24 Single target Passive Attack the opponent from behind cover, the shot lowers the enemy's aggression towards you
Increase Minimum Attack Power 24 Passive Increases the character's minimum attack damage

DPS skills

Name Level Type Type Description
Triple Shot 1 1-3 targets Active Shoot 3 arrows to target and to nearby enemies (80% damage when 3 targets, 90% when 2 targets)
Exploding Arrow 6 Multiple targets Active Enchant an arrow that explodes on contact, damaging all nerby enemies
Penetration 12 Multiple targets Active Shoot an arrow towards the target. Deals damage to target and enemies in its straight path towards the target
Increase Defense Rate 18 Passive Increases the character's Attack Rate
Focus Shot 24 Multiple targets Active Damage target by firing arrow quickly 4 times. It damages the target and surrounding enemy 4 times
Enchanted Attack 24 Passive Gives a chance to enchant character's attack by magic, (add part of intelligence to attack)
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