Devil Arena

[Devil Arena] is a developed training arena which entraps the dimension to chaos. During specific intervals throughout the day, evil monsters are spawned from other dimensions! Once considered a burden of war, this place is now a popular training ground for adventurers!.

To take part in the [Devil Arena] you need a special invitation that can be crafted in a magic anvil. For this you need: Devil Eye and Devil Key

Starting Time
Arena starts every 2 hours, starts from 00:30 (UTC). Everybody will be anoucement 6 minutes before start. In this time warriors should talk to Lenart [Devil Arena Guardian] which is located in [Valley Of Loren] outpost.

  • A minimum of 1 player must enter, or it will not start.
  • A maximum of 15 players can join in a single instance.
  • [Party] is allowed and can be formed inside the [Devil Arena] map
  • [PVP] is not allowed
  • [Town Portal Scroll] warps characters to [Valley of Loren] map.
  • Upon death characters are moved to [Valley of Loren] map.

Members inside of [Devil Arena] can keep all items dropped there. Depending on your score which is based on how many monsters you kill your character will gain a large experience bonus if you survive.
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